Through active dialogue and cooperation with the correctional services, public and third sector partners, and other educational and research intitutions, the research at KRUS will provide and publish high quality research-based knowledge. This knowledge will contribute to professional education and practice in the correctional services as well as influencing political decisions related to penal policy.

The research community at KRUS plays an important role in researching corrections and the execution of sentences, and has over time developed unique and specific knowledge in our field. Our research is closely connected to the administrations and other units of the correctional services and strives to meet the needs for research-based practices. Our research is versatile, and even though applied research is dominant, we undertake basic research and development as well.

Research strategy

  1. Utilise the university college's longstanding and strong foundation in professional pracice in developing research relevant to practice.
  2. Focusing on highlighting knowledge in work practice; identifying the complexity and indentifying the challenges.
  3. Furthering the knowledge base relevant to work practice.
  4. Furthering the knowledge base for decision-making within the field of corrections.