This research project is lead by associate professor Elisabeth Fransson, KRUS, and Francesca Giofrè, La Sapienza/TESIS.

The research project is a collaboration between KRUS and the Inter- university Research Center TESIS "Systems and Technologies for Social, Health and Education Structures" in Firenze.

The aim of the project is, through empirical research, to examine prison architecture, various types of technologies and the lives of female and male inmates in the light of current theoretical debates in architecture and philosophies of the body.

Through studies of prison spaces in Norway and Italy the overall goal with this research project is to develop new knowledge of relationships between prison architecture, technology and the body that may have implications for social relationships and health issues.

Project period: 2019-2024.


Fransson, E. & Giofrè, F. (2020) Prison Cell Spaces, Bodies and Touch. In: Knight, V. and Turner, J. (Eds.) The Prison Cell: Embodied and Everyday Spaces Incarceration. London: Palgrave Macmillan.