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Norsk lovgivning om psykisk utviklingshemming og tilregnelighet

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Ny artikkel om norsk lovgivning vedrørende psykisk utviklingshemming og tilregnelighet publisert Bergen Journal of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice:

Criminal Responsibility and Challenges in the Criminal Justice System for People with Intellectual Disability in Norway

Erik Søndenaa, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Institute of mental health; St. Olavs University Hospital, Centre for Research and Education in Forensic Psychiatry.

Christine  Friestad,  Oslo  University  Hospital,  Centre  for  Research  and  Education  in  Forensic  Psychiatry; University College of Norwegian Correctional  Service.

Birgitte Storvik and Berit Johnsen, University College of Norwegian Correctional  Service.

The purpose of this article is to present and discuss Norwegian legislation concerning intellectual disability and criminal responsibility. We will describe the current state of the Norwegian legislation, present a historical overview based on changes in the last century, and discuss the implications for different stages in the criminal justice process. Current legislation has an internationally uncommon feature, in that the rules governing criminal responsibility are based on what is known as the medical principle. This principle entails that criminal responsibility is determined by the defendant’s mental health status at the time of the crime. Unlike most other jurisdictions, Norwegian criminal law does not require any causal or correlational relationship between the mental condition and the crime.

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