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About us

You find the University College of Norwegian Correctional Service in Lillestrøm and this is a resource center for all the employees of the Correctional Services in Norway. Our task is to provide service training for prison officers and workshop staff, providing continuing education for approximately 4,000 employees, and conduct research and dissemination.


The University College of Norwegian Correctional Service consists of the following departments and department heads:

     Director: Hans-Jørgen Brucker

Academic Affairs:

Main focus: Prison Staff education and Workshop Staff education. Implementation and developmen of research and experience-based education with high quality covering of the services needs. Ensure professional development and make s ure there is a close technical cooperation between the Academy and training prisons.

     Dean Kjersti Hove
     Head of Studies Vigdis Hult

Department of further education:

Main focus: Implement and develop continuing education of high quality. Develop a basis for good human resource development initiatives in the agency.

     Head of Department Hege Lauritzen

Research Department:

Main focus: To promote research and knowledge based education, practice and decision making in correctional services.

     Head of Research Berit Johnsen

Adminstration Department:

Main focus: Recruiting and ensure that trainees are fit for the prison profession. In addition, we provide information, support and service to aspirants and participants. As well as the development and operation of buildings and equipment that promote health, safety and well being of employees and users that contribute to good environmental stewardship.

     Head of Administration Ellen Ekhaugen

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